for university of connecticut school of law Commencement

Below are samples that we believe demonstrate either a style, an energy, a filming method or another element that will give a sense of the quality and overall feeling which will be applied for the commencement film.

EMKI Congressional Centers & Civic Engagement 2019

One day filming a gathering of like-minded individuals and an edit to summarize the day and also motivate the viewing audience to attend next year.

Fantasy Fenway- Make a wish ct

The story of how Thomas' wish for a ballpark in his backyard grew into a replica Fenway Park through the collaboration of his town's community and the Red Sox organization. A large portion of this film was captured during a one day grand opening event. For an immediate, small sample of how ambient audio supports the film, you can jump to 5:45 in the play bar.

Boston fashion week

Challenged with highlighting 13 different designers in a short video, while filming during active photoshoots, we aimed to create a high energy and inspiring experience. By reacting to the action in front of us , we could create shots to match the mood of the subject matter.