Samsung Flip- Steps 2 Success

One day video and photo shoot for skyword

This video would be an interview with 3 potential individuals from the school to share their success with the technology.
It would also include b-roll of teachers/students using the board to in the classroom to learn and collaborate. 


Steps 2 Success

Brooklyn, NY

Video Deliverables

2-3 minute video (4K) - 4 revisions (most edits are in the first 2)

30-second clip

15-second clip

1 gif for social

Photo Deliverables

25-35 edited images

about the paul horton visuals team

We are based out of central Connecticut with teams located in Boston and Brooklyn.

We have over 25 combined years of creating films and photography with a large portion dedicated to the education field.

We understand how to work efficiently and respectively in a school setting with minimal disruption to the learning environment.

Our crew is experienced in moving and changing locations/setups at a moment’s notice.

Approach to filming and photography

We will utilize our resources in Brooklyn to create the appropriate team.

We are able to operate as locals in Brooklyn, allowing us to begin the shoot day as early as needed.

We will have a dedicated team for video production.

We will have a dedicated photographer to capture moments simultaneously.

The benefit to using a photographer from our team allows us to create a seamless relationship with the client, resulting in more genuine photography.

Availability from january 28-February 28

We can schedule our shoot with short notice for any day during this period except:

February 1-6

All other days, we currently have no scheduling conflicts.

General timeline

The first edit can be delivered within approximately 7 days from the shoot date.

Photography can be delivered within 72 hours from the shoot date.

Average time for each edit after revisions is 48 hours and can be less than that for the final round.

After the second round of feedback, we will simultaneously create the shorter edits and gif for review.

We can adjust the turnaround times appropriately if needed, in order to accomplish target final delivery.

Video samples

The specific topic of the Samsung film will be different than the examples below, but in all projects we do, we strive to create and capture genuine moments and remarks. This creates a film that feels less of an advertisement and more of an experience for the audience to engage with the subjects.

Early childhood magnet school

Marvelwood school

Legrand North america

Northfield mount hermon cmap

Connecticut river academy

Photography samples

Please click on a photo to open the lightbox