You are the hero of your story.
— Paul Horton Visuals
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Our Philosophy

Do you want your audience to believe in your story? 

We believe that the best way to communicate a message is

with a real story, a strong voice, and realistic imagery. 



What we consider for each story we tell

  • Our goal every time is to discover the voice that will lead and connect all parts of the story
  • A voice is such a deep personal reflection of character
  • Real people have real lives and we understand how to balance these aspects for a successful shoot
  • Every interesting story has some conflict
  • Whether it's a real person or an actor, every action should have a purpose
  • Understand the subject and the audience before fully developing a concept and call to action.
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How do we actually create an authentic image?

  • Select the right gear and the right crew size for each environment
  • Listen to our subjects to create conversations, connections, and comfort on set
  • Observe natural body language to help find the right pose or action
  • Respect and show appreciation for each person or actor throughout the process
  • Surround ourselves with a crew that shares our values and professionalism
  • Find locations that are true to where our subjects work and live
  • Use lighting techniques that are motivated from each scene and allow the subject to move more freely


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How does this approach to authentic imagery and storytelling help our clients?

In a very short time, Paul Horton and his team have become so much more
than photographers and videographers to us: they are valued members of our
marketing and communications team and of the Goodwin College family.
They invested a great deal of time and energy in coming to understand our
unique community and now are skilled storytellers, both in supporting our
enrollment goals and in strengthening our overall institutional branding.
Reaction to their work, particularly our commercials, has been
overwhelmingly positive and people are gaining a fresh perspective on the
mission of Goodwin.
— Philip Moore, Director of Communications and Marketing, Goodwin College
It’s rare when you can work with a great photographer that thinks like an art director. That’s Paul. Love working with him.
— Bill Knight, Principal, Adams & Knight
Paul and his team possess a unique ability to understand the message we are trying to convey and help the people being filmed deliver that message on camera. And while most people are not comfortable being in front of a camera, Paul always gets them to relax and be natural.
— Brian Albert, Director of Marketing and Internet Strategy, Middlesex Hospital
I’ve had the privilege of working with Paul Horton and his team on two large projects for clients of ours. He is as professional, organized and detail-driven as he is talented behind the camera. He helped us plan and execute several days of shooting, which went smoothly and resulted in beautiful, results-generating videos and photography that our clients loved. Additionally, he’s very personable and fun to work with, which puts everyone at ease, on-camera and off.
— Reem Nouh, Senior Vice President Strategic Services, Adams & Knight