Life is Good Kids Foundation

Online course Videos Proposal

The Life is Good Kids Foundation is seeking a video production team to lead the creative process and production for a series of short, instructional online videos for LiGKF.


Life is Goods Headquarters

Boston, MA

Video Deliverables

5-7 videos per course

3 Courses in 2019 (March, April, November)

Each video will be approximately 1-3 minutes

about the paul horton visuals team

We are a film and photography production studio focused on representing the authenticity in stories and of their subjects.

We have over 25 combined years of creating films and photography with a focus on honest, impactful stories.

We are based out of central Connecticut with teams located in Boston and Brooklyn.

We understand how to work efficiently and respectively in various environments because we primarily spend our time outside of traditional studio spaces.

Some of our notable projects have involved: Make-A-Wish CT, Goodwin College, Hartford Healthcare, Skyword, Marvelwood, Wesleyan University, The Maji Safi Group and Journey Home.

Paul Horton Visuals Reel

sample work

Below are samples that give a variety of styles we have employed, yet they all focus on one primary voice in each film.

The Skyword film includes examples of word animation that we can use in a similar way for the LiGKF videos at no additional cost.


Alumni Voices


Welcome Creatives

Choate Rosemary Hall

Welcome Creatives

Journey Home


CT Art Director’s Club

Mike Barnes

Marvelwood School



Tara Navara

Chief Development Officer

Make-A-Wish Connecticut


126 Monroe Turnpike

Trumbull, CT 06611

Philip Moore

Director of Marketing and Communications

Goodwin College


One Riverside Drive

East Hartford, CT 06118

Joel Tolman

Director of Impact & Engagement

Common Ground


358 Springside Ave

New Haven, CT 06515

Project plan

The following is how we will approach the first course in March and we will approach the following two courses with the same method.

By March 1st, we will confirm one shooting day at the Life is Good Headquarters.

During the one day production, we will film the required 5-7 videos with the appropriate on-screen talent.

Our director will work with the talent to provide a comfortable environment where they can speak genuinely on camera.

We will deliver a first cut of one of the videos within one week of production in order to confirm the general feel and flow for the remainder of the videos.

If LiGKF wants to explore word animations, we request to have the desired words given to our team by the time our production day arrives.

Within 10 days from initial feedback, we will have a first cut available for review of each of the 5-7 videos.

We plan for two total rounds of feedback for each video before finalizing them for delivery.

We will be able to make adjustments to each edit and deliver each video in less than two weeks from initial cuts, thus completing our post-production process within one month of production.

Budget breakdown

The following is an estimate based on 7 videos per course. Basic word animation can be included at no additional post-production cost with similar style to “Skyword” video sample. We have included the optional cost of more involved word and graphic animations.

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 2.56.14 PM.png

Thank you!

Please reach out if you would like to further discuss this proposal or have any questions.

Eric Leone

Director, Producer- Paul Horton Visuals