Virtual Connected Campus Video

Proposal by Paul Horton visuals

Hq0 is seeking a video to highlight how Vornado Realty Trust’s buildings and brand exude and exemplify New York.


One approximately 30 second video.

about the paul horton visuals team

We are a film and photography production studio focused on representing the authenticity in stories and of their subjects.

We have over 25 combined years of creating films and photography with a focus on honest, impactful stories.

We are based out of central Connecticut with teams located in Boston and Brooklyn.

Our entire crew knows how to work with respect, efficiency and good humor.  While this may seem like a small concern to many, we believe it is at the core of a successful film project.

Paul Horton Visuals Reel

The Vornado Tenant

We would like to first note that…

This proposal is an adaption of our original proposal. We are aiming to retain similar concepts from our original proposal by revisiting some different approaches that will satisfy an updated video length and budget.

Our goal

Our goal for this project is still engagement – to reach an audience with content that is intriguing, provocative, authentic, and most importantly, engaging. We are not looking to instruct viewers how to use the app, we instead want them to go on a journey of real NYC experiences. We want the audience to feel excited about the possibilities and opportunities that the app can unlock for them as Vornado has created the first ever connected campus in a major metro.


This proposal envisions one approximately 30 second video that will demonstrate multiple NYC experiences which are all connected through the app. We will combine three major pieces to create the full experience and give the audience perspective of the scope of how many pieces of Penn District that Vornado improves. These three pieces include aerial shots of NYC to establish our general location, renderings of buildings to show what to expect in the future and most importantly, real live action experiences to ground this video into something the audience can relate to.

We will outline a rough storyline further into the proposal to give more clarity to this approach as well as imagery to support this.

This proposal will feature two options.

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 6.27.42 PM.png

Video Treatment Option #1


The video will open with an aerial shot of NYC as a small location symbol pops up. We introduce a person who is on their phone either while getting up in the morning or in the kitchen. They’re looking up options for their morning commute as motion graphic appears on screen demonstrating how the app would use this feature.

Throughout the remainder of the video, we will feature several different people utilizing their phones and the app to access different key elements of the app. Examples include, but are not limited to, entering a building, ordering/picking up lunch, booking and going to a yoga class and scanning for local events such as networking after work.

We will end with an aerial of Penn District, slowly pulling back to a wider shot of NYC. The motion graphics will demonstrate how connected every part of this district is because of the app and Vornado. Finally a logo will appear over the aerial shot.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics will play an important role in this video to demonstrate how the app is used. It will also be used to show how connected each part of the Penn District is. Below is an example of the style of motion graphics we would employ in regards to how we show the app. The mood board further below includes an image NYC with a connected web graphic, which will be a starting point of inspiration for how we develop this. The graphics will closely resemble the look and function of the app, but may vary slightly from the actual app. We will also explore a few bold text statements on screen stating key elements that the app provides for users.


This option will include stock music that will have an energetic, upbeat and immersive sound that will carry the audience throughout the video.

stock video

For this video, we will utilize stock video to showcase the aerials as well as real life moments. We have access to an extensive library that will allow us to showcase all of the above mentioned scenes. When a person is using their phone, we will not see what is on their phone so the motion graphics will articulate what is happening. Although stock video footage has less customization per shot, it will be a more cost-efficient and time-saving method to filming a diverse number of people.


Based on our understandings of the new approach to this video of focusing on the app and its features, we believe in a short video, there is no need to show the renderings of what the new buildings and rooftops will look like. The live action footage will engage viewers more in a short time and create a stronger understanding of what this app will be for.

Motion graphics app example

The example below demonstrates a similar approach to how we will showcase the app being used. The general look and feel of this video will also be used as an inspiration.


Mood board

Below are sample images from online sources to show the types of shots and overall feel we would aim for based on the story.

Budget breakdown Option #1

Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 11.02.55 AM.png

Video Treatment Option #2


We will apply the same approach as in Option #1 in all elements except we will replace the stock video with actual filming (except for aerials). We will use one actor to demonstrate multiple scenarios such as getting ready for work, entering their building, ordering lunch, a yoga session and an after work event. The added benefit of this approach is more detailed customization to what we film such as being able to show the actor using their phone to enter a building (difficult to find with stock). There is also an element to stock video that may not feel quite as real as actual footage we will film. Viewers can some times pick up on that cue which is why any time we can film over use stock footage, we try to.

Budget breakdown Option #2

Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 11.02.47 AM.png


Both options have similar production timelines.

It’s important to note that we will need approximately five to seven days from project approval to produce a first cut for feedback. The final delivery date will be dependent on how quickly we receive feedback, but our turnaround for any adjustments will be done as quickly as possible in order to reach the targeted delivery goal.

Thank you for considering this proposal!

Please reach out if you would like to further discuss this proposal or have any questions.

Eric Leone